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Being in Love


€ 39.95
What Is Love?In this thoughtful, provocative work, Oshoone of the most revolutionary thinkers of our timechallenges us to question what we think we know about love and opens us to the possibility of a love that is natural, fulfilling, and free of possessiveness and jealousy.With his characteristic wit, humor, and understanding, Osho dares us to resist the unhealthy relationship patterns weve learned from those around us, and to rediscover the meaning of love for ourselves. By the time you are ready to explore the world of love, you are filled with so much rubbish about love that there is not much hope for you to be able to find the authentic and discard the false. By answering the questions that so many lovers face, Osho shares new ways to love that will forever change how you relate to others, including how to: Love without clinging Let go of expectations, rules, and demands Free yourself from the fear of being alone Be fully present in your relationships Keep your love fresh and alive Become a life partner with whom someone could continue to grow and change Surrender your ego so you can surrender to loveBeing in Love will inspire you to welcome love into your life anew and experience the joy of being truly alive by sharing it.From the Hardcover edition.


Kustantaja: Crown Publishing Group Kategoria: Import - Religion, Import - Astrologi & Esoterika
ISBN: 9780307409881 Media: EPUB
Nimeke: Being in Love Kirjailija: Osho
Julkaisupäivä: 01-01-1900  Sarja: -


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