Advanced Photoshop Elements for Digital Photographers


Advanced Photoshop Elements for Digital Photographers (Nidottu)
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Philip Andrews shares his in-depth knowledge of Elements in this advanced guide ensuring that you can achieve optimum results from this powerful package. Once you've mastered the basics of Photoshop Elements, this is the book to further develop your skills to get professional results! Beyond exploring techniques, Philip addresses how to manage the digital workflow in general, covering scanner and camera capture techniques, advanced image changes, providing detailed information on how to produce darkroom techniques digitally with Elements, as well as graphics capabilities and explaining how they all fit together. The associated website, includes images featured in the book, so you can easily put these new found skills into practice. Superbly illustrated in color throughout, written in Philip's trademark no-nonsense style, this guide will ensure you stay ahead of the rest. This is definitely the book for the digital photographer who wants to stand out from the crowd! It provides tips from the pros, to advance your Elements skills beyond the basics. Its step-by-step, highly illustrated, color tutorials show you what can be achieved.It presents a full coverage of the workflow involved, which includes essential skills for digital cameras and web work.
Kustantaja: Focal Press  Kategoria: Elokuva ja valokuvaus, IT-kirjat, Ääni ja kuva, Ohjelmisto 
Arvioitu toimitusaika: 4-9 työpäivää  Sidos: Nidottu 
ISBN: 9780240519401  Sivujen lukumäärä: 278 
Kieli: englanti     
Nimeke: Advanced Photoshop Elements for Digital Photographers  Kirjailija: Philip Andrews  
Julkaisupäivä: 01-04-2004  Sarja:  
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