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Samsung S-View Cover for Galaxy Note 3 - Black


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S-View Cover for Galaxy Note 3

The best of both worlds S-view Cover. A case designed to combine a stylish design with the option characters to instantly see important information. The window gives you an overview of reminders, battery level and other important information. See who is calling and answer or reject the call without opening the case. "Auto-wake-up"'s function turns on / off the screen when you open / close the case. 

  • Better protection and greater convenience 

S View cover has a transperant windows that allow the user to view information about date, time, incoming calls, missed calls, sms, battery status, and access to the music player without opening the case. 

  • Answer and end calls without opening the case 

S View window allows you to answer or reject calls without opening the case. 

  • Custom Made 

These cases have been specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 downside is easy on and replaces the phone's standard back, without causing the phone feel bulky. 

  • The display automatically turns on or off 

S View Cover has a special integrated Hall IC sensor that allows the display is automatically switched on and off by means of the magnetic plates that are built into the case. 

  • Screen protection

Samsung S View Cover offers maximum protection that reduces smudges and scratches.


Tyyppi Skydd
Suosituskäyttö För mobiltelefon
Väri Jetsvart
Ominaisuudet Easy Snap On, Kameralinsutskärning, Porturskärningar
Mitat & paino
Leveys 8,03 cm
Syvyys 1,3 cm
Korkeus 15,27 cm
Paino 0,05 kg
Tuotteen väri Svart
Tuotelinja Samsung S View Cover
Malli EF-CN900B
Merkki Samsung
Pakattu määrä 1
Tuotemerkki Samsung

(Kork. 500 merkkiä)


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