Azden Wireless Microphone PRO-XD

Azden Wireless Microphone PRO-XD
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  • Operates in 2.4 GHz wireless range
  • High gain output alleviates noise and hiss produced by low-quality camera preamps
  • Mobile device compatible
  • Auto sync between transmitter and receiver
  • Operating range of 35 meters or more in optimal conditions
  • Rechargeable internal batteries
  • Wide frequency response and low internal noise
  • Headphone monitor output
  • Line in aux input

The Azden® i-Coustics® PRO-XD is an easy to use and affordable digital wireless lavalier microphone system for camera mounting and mobile video applications. Its compact and lightweight design is a great solution for capturing audio on the go. Perfect for video production, electronic news gathering and even mobile devices, the PRO-XD includes an adapter cable for compatibility with headset inputs on most modern smartphones and tablets!
Utilizing digital wireless technology, the PRO-XD operates in the 2.4GHz range which is completely free of TV and radio interference. The PRO-XD out performs similarly priced VHF systems with better than CD quality digital audio and delivers dependable operation out to a distance of 100 feet or beyond with direct line of sight. Set up is a breeze with automatic syncing between receiver and transmitter. Internal, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries provide long lasting operation and easy charging via USB.
Designed to delivery high-fidelity audio, the receiver’s high gain output with volume control alleviates noise and hiss produced by low-quality camera preamps and eliminates the need for big adjustments in post-production. The PRO-XD’s transmitter uniquely includes an auxiliary line input, allowing you to wirelessly transmit any stereo, line level audio source and mix it with the microphone source if desired.
With its incredibly small form factor, the PRO-XD is the first viable digital wireless audio solution for use with action cameras, such as the popular Hero® series from GoPro® (3rd party cable may be required for connection).
The complete PRO-XD system includes the transmitter, receiver and specially designed lapel microphone as well as an adapter cable for mobile devices, an audio output cable, USB cable and AC adapter for charging.
Operating Freq.: 2.4GHz ISM Band
Dynamic Range: 90dB
Signal-To-Noise: 80dB
Operating Range: 35m typical; up to 120m in ideal conditions.
Freq. Response: 20Hz - 20kHz, ± 1dB
Digital Sampling: 48kHz/16bit
System Latency: 14ms
Battery Life Span: 300 cycles
Battery Type: Lithium-ion
Power Supply: USB 5V
Warranty: 2 Years (Registration Required)
Accessories: shoe mount, belt clip, lapel clip, trrs adapter, USB mini to USB-A cable, AC adapter.
Transmitter (PRO-XDT)
RF Output Power: 10mW
Mic Input: Φ3.5mm mono TRRS
Aux Input: Φ3.5mm stereo, line level
Input Impedance: Mic: 2.2kΩ; Aux: 10kΩ
Max Input: 300mV RMS
Battery Life: 11 hours
Battery Charge Time: 3 hours 30 min
Dimensions: 48x79x14mm (W/H/D)
Weight: 62g
Receiver (PRO-XDR)
RF Output Power: 10mW
Max Output Level: -14dBV
Mic Output: Φ3.5mm dual-mono/stereo
Headphone Output: Φ3.5mm stereo
Output Impedance: Mic: 600Ω; Headphone: 16Ω
Battery Life: 16 hours
Battery Charge Time: 3 hours
Dimensions: 48x79x14mm (W/H/D)
Weight: 68g
Microphone (EX-503XD)
Mic Element: Electret Condenser
Polar Pattern: Omni-Directional
Freq. Response: 30Hz - 20kHz
Sensitivity: -46dB at 1kHz (0dB=1V/Pa)
Impedance: 2.2kΩ (at 1kHz)
Power Requirement: Plug-in power DC 1-10V
Connector Type: Φ3.5mm TRRS
Cord Length: 105cm

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