D-Link DGS-1100-08P 8-Port Gigabit PoE Smart Switch

D-Link DGS-1100-08P 8-Port Gigabit PoE Smart Switch
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D-Link’s DGS-1100 Series provide an affordable solution for SOHOs and Small and Medium Businesses as well as enterprise deployment, such as in branch offices and meeting rooms that require simple network management. Each model comes in a compact desktop-sized metal case and features either 8, 16, 16+2 SFP, 24, 24+2 SFP, or 8 PoE and 24 with 12 PoE enabled Gigabit ports.

D-Link Green/Power Saving Performance

Compliant with IEEE802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet, these switches consume less energy by cutting down on power consumption when port utilisation is low. By deploying EEE devices, users can cut operating costs and even cut down on necessary cooling equipment, helping small and medium-sized businesses stay within their budgets. The DGS-1100 Series also features D-Link Green Technology that helps automatically save energy. The switches monitor the link status of every port and will drastically reduce power consumption when a port link is down.

Easy to deploy

The DGS-1100 Series support an intuitive D-Link Network Assistant Utility and a web-based management interface. The D-Link Network Assistant Utility allows customers to discover all switches in the D-Link Smart Switch family within the same L2 network segment. With this utility, users do not need to change the IP address of their PC, and this also makes initial setup of the Smart Switches quick and easy. Switches within the same L2 network segment that are connected to the user’s PC are displayed on-screen for instant access. This allows for extensive switch configuration and basic setup of discovered devices, including password changes and firmware upgrades. The graphic web-based management interface provides a user-friendly interface that enables network administrators to remotely control their network down to the port level.

QoS and Bandwidth Control

The DGS-1100 Series supports Auto Surveillance VLAN (ASV), and Auto Voice VLAN, which are best suited for VoIP and video surveillance deployments. Auto Surveillance VLAN consolidates data and surveillance video transmission through a single DGS-1100 Series switch, thus sparing businesses the expense of dedicated hardware and facilities. ASV also ensures the quality of real-time video for monitoring and control without compromising the transmission of conventional network data. The Auto Voice VLAN technology enhances the VoIP service by automatically placing voice traffic from an IP phone to an assigned VLAN. With higher priority and individual VLAN, these features guarantee the quality and security of VoIP traffic. Bandwidth Control can reserve bandwidth on a per port basis for important functions that require larger bandwidth or might have high priority.

PoE Support

The DGS-1100-08P and DGS-1100-24P delivers Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities, making deployment with IP cameras, VoIP phones, and access points much easier. Power cords will become a thing of the past, as the DGS-1100-08P complies with the 802.3af standard for PoE and supports a 64 Watt power budget whereas the DGS-1100-24P complies with the 802.3af/802.3at standard for PoE and supports a 100 Watt power budget. The 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet ports mean that even high-quality video is no problem.

Easy Troubleshooting

The DGS-1100 Series feature Loopback Detection and Cable Diagnostics to help network administrators find and solve network problems quickly and easily. Loopback  Detection is used to detect loops created by a specific port and automatically shut down the affected port. The Cable Diagnostics feature is designed for network administrators to quickly examine the quality of the copper cables, recognise the cable type, and detect cable errors.

Advanced Features

DGS-1100 Series is equipped with advanced security features such as Static MAC, Storm Control, and IGMP Snooping. Static MAC allows users to create a MAC whitelist for specific ports, helping administrators limit network access to authorised devices only. Storm Control monitors broadcast, multicast, or unknown unicast traffic and will start blocking or discarding packets which could flood the network when the defined threshold is exceeded. IGMP Snooping is able to reduce the loading of L3 multicast routers and save bandwidth in network throughput.

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Tuotemerkki D-Link
Huolto ja tuki
Tyyppi Begränsad livstidsgaranti
Mitat & paino
Leveys 19 cm
Syvyys 12 cm
Korkeus 2,8 cm
Paino 0,71 kg
Yhteensopivat standardit LVD, FCC klass A-certifierad, UL, cUL, VCCI klass A ITE
Määrä 8
Tyyppi 10/100/1000 (PoE)
Tyyppi Switch
Kaukohallintaprotokolla HTTP
Yhteensopivuusstandardit IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.1Q, IEEE 802.3ab, IEEE 802.1p, IEEE 802.3az, IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3x
Porttien lukumäärä 8
Tilan ilmaisimet Portöverföringshastighet, Strömförsörjning, Länk/akvititet
Ominaisuudet Flödeskontroll, Halvduplexläge, Fullt duplexläge, Multicast Storm Control, Unicast Storm Control, Nivå 2-växling, Quality of Service (QoS), Cable Diagnostics Function, Bandbreddskontroll, D-Link Green Technology, Fläktlös, DHCP-klient, Auto-negotiation, BOOTP-stöd, ARP-stöd, Flaktlos, VLAN-stöd, Auto-uplink (auto MDI/MDI-X), IGMP snooping, Portspegling, WRR-kö (Weighted Round Robin), Lagra och vidarebefordra, Broadcast Storm Control
MAC osoitetaulukon koko (Address Table Size) 8K poster
Alaluokka (FE) Nätverkshubbar och switchar
Power Over Ethernet (PoE) PoE
Hallinnoitu Ja
Kokoluokka (FE) Skrivbordsmodell
Alatyyppi Gigabit Ethernet
Virran kulutus (toiminnassa) 7,8 W
Vaadittu taajuus 50/60
Nimellinen jännite AC 120/230 V
Tuotelinja D-Link EasySmart Switch
Malli DGS-1100-08P
Yhteensopivuus PC
Merkki D-Link
Pakattu määrä 1
Vähimmäiskäyttölämpötila 0x
Enimmäiskäyttölämpötila 50x
Vähimmäismivarastointilämpötila -10x
Enimmäisvarastointilämpötila 70x
Toimintakosteus 10 - 95 % (icke-kondenserande)
Varastointikosteus 5 - 95 % (icke-kondenserande)
Laitteen liitännät / Määrä Laitteen liitännät / Kommentit (FE) Laitteen liitännät / PoE-virta
8 PoE 0,06 kW
Huolto ja tuki - yksityiskohtaiset tiedot / Tyyppi Huolto ja tuki - yksityiskohtaiset tiedot / Sopimusaika
Begränsad garanti Livstid
Suoritusteho / Tyyppi Suoritusteho / Arvo
Växlingskapacitet 16 Gbps
Avsändningsprestanda 11.9 Mpps
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