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ANIMONDA can Carny Adult beef and chicken 800g

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ANIMONDA can Carny Adult beef and chicken 800g

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DR SEIDEL HMB 60 CAPSULES + 20% FREE NOURISHING AGENT FOR DOGS AND CATS HMB nutritional formulations for dogs and cats with muscular diseases 60 capsules Use: Improvement in muscle mass and an increase in active dogs, working and exhibition. HMB is a
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DR SEIDEL HMB 60 CAPSULES + 20% FREE NOURISHING AGENT FOR DOGS AND CATS HMB nutritional formulations for dogs and cats with muscular diseases 60 capsules Use: Improvement in muscle mass and an increase in active dogs, working and exhibition. HMB is a natural substance present in small quantities in animals and humans, which prevents the breakdown of muscle protein. This increases efficiency, speeds up muscle recovery after intense training and physical activity and increases muscle mass. Accelerate recovery. HMB is a scientifically designed nutritional supplement for dogs and cats suffering from muscular disease with impaired mobility. Indications: myopathies. These are the so-called disease. originally muscle, pending in the muscle - the muscle fibers, vessels, tissue - leading to muscle weakness and atrophy. Are both congenital degenerative myopathy and myopathy endogenous acquired in individual development. The etiology of a number of them are unknown, although the image of the sick muscles suggests that many of them have autoimmune. In the case of nutritional myopathies, ischemia, endocrine and cancer, there is a severe necrosis of the cells and accelerate the breakdown of muscle proteins, which leads to a significant impairment of locomotor functions of the animal. 3-hydroxy-3-methylbutyrate (HMB), the product changes leucine, effectively inhibits the breakdown of muscle protein, and thus improves the ability of locomotion dog or cat suffering from myopathies. Then the smaller number of damaged muscle cells requires repair and rebuild your body faster muscle mass. What's more, the dogs undergo rigorous training they have increased nutritional requirements, which a normal balanced diet can not meet. DogVital help meet this need by providing the body with the necessary components (naturally occurring in the body), the quantity under intense effort may not be sufficient. This not only allows for a faster increase muscle mass in animals trained, but also shortens the period of renewal already damaged muscle cells and improves the overall condition of the animals. Convalescence after surgery. And each assume the cast resulting from bone fracture, leading to progressive muscle atrophy in an immobilized limb. HMB administered at the time of immobilization, and thereafter, not only significantly prevents muscle atrophy, but also shortens the postoperative convalescence in dogs and cats. The restoration of the old dogs and cats. HMB is recommended for older dogs and cats because it prevents muscle atrophy accompanies old age. Delay the aging process. In older dogs we observe severe breakdown of muscle protein, leading to muscle atrophy, and impaired locomotion. HMB administered systematically slows aging processes, it allows for longer maintain proper muscle mass and improve motor skills. In addition, this formulation stimulates the immune system, which means that old dogs are more resistant to disease. Strengthening the muscles of the spine and hip joints. Some breeds of dogs, for example. In dachshunds, discopathies are particularly troublesome in the episode lumbosacral spine. HMB by enhancing muscle mass and strength causes the formation of so-called. "Spinal muscular", which prevents dyskopatiom this episode. Similarly, a beneficial effect of the use of HMB observed in the case of hip dysplasia, especially in older large breed dogs. Increasing muscle mass working dogs. HMB prevents degradation of muscle protein after extensive training and also allows to maximize the efficiency of the body of the dog. Dogs running competitively. ; Dog training leads to the development of his muscles and increased strength. However, during training or racing there is a certain amount of damage to muscle cells. Research has shown that HMB prevents damage to these cells and consequently reduces muscle protein breakdown that occurs during strenuous exercise. This leads to the improvement of the condition of the dogs. Active ingredients: HMB is a 3-hydroxy-3-methylbutyrate - a natural metabolite of change of leucine in the body. HMB is a product of transformation of food proteins in the tissues of dogs and cats. HMB is also found in small amounts in foods of meat, but these quantities, both in the diet and in the body, is inadequate in conditions of intense training, or increased effort. The body also feels a deficiency in HMB muscle diseases and in the states of increased muscle catabolism in old animals. The dosage administered twice daily (morning and evening). Depending on the body weight: Cats - one capsule; 10 kg dogs - one capsule; Dogs 10-20kg - two capsule; Dogs 20-30kg - on three capsules; Dogs above 30kg - four capsules.
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