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The Overflow Tank (4CD+8DVD)

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The Overflow Tank (4CD+8DVD)

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Midnight Oil


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  • Arvioitu toimitusaika Pikalähetys
    5-15 Arkipäivää
  • Myyjä ja toimittaja CDON

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  • Midnight Oil
  • Pop & Rock, Boxar, Mahtavat musiikkiboksit
  • CD

Disc 1

  • Schwampy Moose
  • 21st Century Human
  • Red Indian
  • Can't See Reason
  • Love Life
  • Heart Is Nowhere
  • Wreckery Road
  • Farm
  • Ghost of the Roadhouse
  • The Band Played the Last Melody
  • A Sunburnt Sky
  • Doghead
  • Blackfella/Whitefella
  • Stand In Line (Didgeridoo)
  • The Dead Heart (Video)
  • Stand In Line (Live)
  • Power And The Passion (Live)
  • Power And The Passion (Studio Version)
  • Blackfella/Whitefella (Live)
  • The Dead Heart (Live)
  • The Dead Heart (Studio Version)
  • Gotta Be Strong (Live)
  • Animal Song
  • Warumpinya (Papunya) (Live)
  • Best Of Both Worlds (Live)
  • Nyuntu Nyaalyjirriku (What Are You Going To Do) (Live)
  • Helps Me Help You (Live)
  • Waru (Fire) (Live)
  • Kosciusko (Live)
  • Animal Song
  • Beds Are Burning (Live)
  • Island Home (Live)
  • Read About It (Live)
  • The Dead Heart (Live)
  • Beds Are Burning (Video)
  • The Dead Heart
  • Beds Are Burning
  • Introduction
  • The Dead Heart
  • Best of Both Worlds
  • Truganini
  • Bullroarer
  • Put Down That Weapon
  • My Country
  • King of the Mountain
  • Warakurna
  • Sell My Soul
  • Forgotten Years
  • Dreamworld
  • Beds Are Burning
  • Sometimes
  • Cold Cold Change
  • Run By Night
  • Lucky Country
  • Stand In Line
  • Armistice Day
  • No Time For Games
  • Cold Cold Change
  • Don't Wanna Be the One
  • Stand In Line
  • Brave Faces
  • Short Memory
  • US Forces
  • Who Can Stand In the Way
  • Best of Both Worlds
  • The Dead Heart
  • Kosciuszko
  • Pictures
  • Power and the Passion
  • Put Down That Weapon
  • Sometimes
  • Hercules
  • Beds Are Burning
  • Surf's Up Tonight
  • Sins of Omission
  • Star of Hope
Included in box:
  • Lasseter’s Gold (CD)
  • Chiko Locallo (CD)
  • 2JJ Live at the Wireless (CD)
  • Punter Barrier BPM (CD)
  • MTV Unplugged (DVD)
  • Black Rain Falls (DVD)
  • Saturday Night at the Capitol (DVD)
  • Oils On the Water (DVD)
  • Only the Strong (DVD)
  • Blackfella Whitefella (DVD)
  • Ellis Park – the Concert (DVD)
  • Moments in Space (DVD)
Introducing Midnight Oil’s Overflow Tank from Sony Legacy and Sony Music Australia.
This treasure trove for true fans includes over 14 hours of previously unreleased and currently unavailable sound and vision from throughout Midnight Oil’s stellar career. As with its companion piece the Full Tank, the Overflow Tank is made out of recycled materials and housed in a miniature replica water tank like the one seen onstage at so many Midnight Oil gigs. It is the ultimate Oils collection containing one CD of unreleased studio recordings, one CD of unavailable B-sides and rarities plus 2 live CD’s drawn from iconic shows across two decades. It also includes 8 DVD’s; MTV Unplugged, a live concert from South Africa,s Ellis Park, and Only The Strong, a behind the scenes documentary about the making of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
(all previously unreleased). plus the films Black Rain Falls, Oils On the Water, Saturday Night at the Capitol, Blackfella Whitefella and a special bonus DVD with rare and unseen live footage from 6 different shows. Each of the 12 discs has its own new unique artwork and the tank also contains a deluxe 36 page booklet containing rare photos and an exclusive 5000 word essay about Midnight Oil by renowned Australian writer, Andrew Stafford.
Midnight Oil
Sony Music E
Pop & Rock
Mahtavat musiikkiboksit


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