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Turvallinen verkkokauppa vuodesta 1999


24999 €
  • Varastosaldo: Löytyy varastolta
    Arvioitu toimitusaika Pikalähetys
    1-3 Arkipäivää
  • Myyjä ja toimittaja Thunderful Distribution

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  • Highly stain resistant
  • durable and scratch resistant PVC leather
  • 55kg/m� one piece foam
Large premium high back gaming chair in a racing chair style with adjustable features to keep you comfortable for hours. Recommended Height: 180cm. Recommended Weight: 120kg. Soft, durable and breathable PVC leather that is highly stain and water resistant to bring your gaming experience up a level. Head Pillow and Lumbar Support Cushion. Let your chair adapt itself to you with cushions that adapt to your shape whilst maintaining good posture. Protecting and supporting the curves of your back for long periods of time and preventing pain in the neck and shoulders. Foam filled pillows morph to your shape for maximum comfort and whilst being able to change back to the original shape. Fully Adjustable, 2D Adjustable PU covered armrests support your forearms to prevent muscle strain and relieve wrist pressure so as you can continue your gaming at optimum performance. Adjust to find a height, depth and angle to suit you. Our specially designed Z support multi-functional tilt mechanism is designed for heavy duty gaming. Increase or decrease tension of the conventional tilt mechanism for secure and sturdy rocking. Also lock your chair into the perfect position with height adjustments and 60 to 160-degree tilt adjustments. High Density Shaping Foam 65kg/M3 Density foam padding to give you true ergonomic support and comfort. Covered with memory foam to allow the chair to contour to your shape whilst still allowing relief to pressure points on the body during long hours. Sturdy and Strong Steel framework to give your chair durable support, with an ergonomic design to contour to the human body. Premium grade aluminium base that provides impeccable strength and stability. Using reinforced multi-directional casters with high-quality PU rubber so as your chair rolls smoothly across the floor. Hydraulic Pistons Using class 4 (EU standard SGS certified) hydraulic pistons to give your chair a safe and secure lift.

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