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Gaming Desk Holm 300 RGB -pelipöytä

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Gaming Desk Holm 300 RGB -pelipöytä

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Gaming Desk Holm 300 RGB -pelipöytä
Gaming Desk Holm 300 RGB -pelipöytä
Gaming Desk Holm 300 RGB -pelipöytä
Gaming Desk Holm 300 RGB -pelipöytä
Gaming Desk Holm 300 RGB -pelipöytä
Gaming Desk Holm 300 RGB -pelipöytä
Gaming Desk Holm 300 RGB -pelipöytä
Gaming Desk Holm 300 RGB -pelipöytä
Gaming Desk Holm 300 RGB -pelipöytä
Gaming Desk Holm 300 RGB -pelipöytä
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  • Arvioitu toimitusaika
    alkaen 99 arkipäivä
  • Myyjä ja toimittaja MaxGaming

Genesis Holm 300 RGB is a professional gaming desk that provides enough space for all your gear during your epic battles. With its built-in RGB backlight it creates breathtaking scenery in your ultimate gaming room.

Companion for years
Regardless of how furious your battle is, Genesis Holm 300 RGB will become your best companion! Providing large workspace with solid and durable construction, all-in one gaming desk Genesis Holm 300 RGB makes your extensive campaigns comfortable and enjoyable. The carbon fiber laminated desk top made of high-quality MDF has ample room for all accessories you need including a maxi-sized mouse pad that so many fierce gamers love to use.

Ergonomically optimized
The desk is equipped with a comfortable monitor stand to optimize ergonomics and provide more free space on desk-top. The position of the screen is essential to avoid eye fatigue and to keep your body in correct position during those long sessions. If needed you can detach or mount the stand whenever you want.

Charger and USB port at hand
Genesis Holm 300 RGB has a built-in hub with three USB 3.0 ports and cable passages making it easier to connect peripherals and manage all wires. The integrated charger allows you to charge your smartphone or wearables wirelessly so you keep your mobile at hand whenever you want to call your friends and boast about the higher level achieved.

All your gear organized
Equipped for your geekery, Genesis Holm 300 RGB features metal wire holders for your headphone and gamepads. To survive a whole-night session you can keep your energy drink or a cup of your favorite coffee in the special holder. The holders have universal mounting so you can place them on right or left side whichever suits you better. For keeping the desk in good order, a power strip tray to organize your cables is placed underside. At the front you can additionally mount a tray that will serve best for your handy items or snacks.

Unique backlight
For the greatest effect enhance your gaming experience with remotely controlled LED backlight with multiply modes and functions. The remote control enables you to change colors, modes, speed and brightness of the backlight creating an awesome and unique atmosphere that will take you away to the virtual reality. The backlight is put under the desk-top so it does not clash with the backlight of other accessories but fabulously lights up the surroundings. Win the battle in bloody reds, and relax afterwards in the glow of soothing blue.


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