• LO BLOO Aeroslim Pelvic Protection

    • Free shipping worldwide and Lifetime guarantee against breakages
    • Patented ergonomics for full-time protection - Follows your every move, providing 100% protection at all times
    • Unrestricted movement - Extremely lightweight, Aeroslim is shaped to liberate your inner thighs, letting you move as freely and swiftly as you would without a cup
    • Superior comfort - A soft removable silicone lining and the proprietary Lo Bloo fitting system make Aeroslim so comfortable, you’ll forget it’s there
    • CE-certified robustness - Manufactured from polycarbonate, the same material used in bulletproof personal protection, Aeroslim comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakage
    • Prevents whipping - Stays snug against groin, preventing whipping on impact
    • One-time setup for perfect fit - Stays perfectly adjusted throughout and in between sessions
    • Superior hygiene - Smooth body prevents build-up of bacteria, and the entire assembly is machine-washable
    € 30.95