Hövding 2.0 – Airbag for cyclists

Hövding 2.0 – Airbag for cyclists
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Tuotteen myy Hövding Sverige AB (publ)

Lisää kauppiaalta Hövding Sverige AB (publ) Hövding Sverige AB (publ) on yhteistyökumppani CDON Marketplacen kanssa. Arvosanan ovat antaneet asiakkaat jotka ovat tilanneet tuotteita kauppiaalta Hövding Sverige AB (publ). Kokonaisarvosana perustuu kauppiaan toimitusaikaan sekä pakkausmateriaalien laatuun.
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  • 8x better protection than regular bicycle helmets 

Hövding offers the world´s best shock absorption capacity and consists of two parts, a collar and a cover.

The collar encloses the airbag system that protects the head and is made of black, waterproof, dirt-repellent functional fabric that rests comfortably around your neck. It is easy to put on, with a centre front zip.

There is a hook on the inside of the collar that allows you to hang up your Hövding.

The collar is supplied with a black basic cover which is made of durable functional fabric that protects your Hövding against dirt and wear. The cover is attached to the collar by simply zipping it around.


Activate Hövding when starting the bike ride and deactivate it immediately when you completed the bike ride. Hövding should never be activated in cases other than direct connection to the bike ride.

Good to know

Hövding is available in three collar sizes: Small (S), Medium (M) and Large (L). In terms of operation, it makes no difference whether your Hövding is tight or loose around your neck. The collar sizes that are currently available (S, M, L) are adapted to the same head size range: 52-59 cm in circumference. Choose the size that feels best.

Small is recommended for neck sizes of less than 36 cm.

Medium is recommended for neck sizes of 34–42 cm.

Large is recommended for neck sizes of 38–45 cm.

If your Hövding has been in an accident, it can't be used again.

Hövding is designed for standard bike models and for mini bicycles and folding bikes.

Hövding is not designed for special bikes such as tandems, unicycles, etc. Cycling means urban cycling and cycling on main roads, but not extreme cycling such as BMX, off-road cycling, mountain biking and trick cycling.

You charge your Hövding using the USB cable supplied, either by connecting it to your computer or by using an external charger with a USB port such as those supplied with all smartphones/tablets.

Please note that if you have Windows 8 or 8.1, you cannot charge your Hövding in your computer due to a change in USB management.

You cannot use Hövding on a moped, on skis, in a car, on a skateboard, with inline skates, etc. Hövding is only designed for cycling.

The battery life is 10 hours of active cycling. An acoustic signal will make you aware in good time that the battery needs to be charged.

You can always feel safe when using Hövding. If something is wrong, Hövding will detect it and let you know when activated.

Which accessories can I wear with my Hövding?

When the airbag is triggered, the pressure from the airbag splits open the upper seam of the collar, allowing the hood to inflate around your head. This means it’s important that you keep the area above this seam free and don’t cover it with a scarf or similar on top. But you can still wear a shawl or a scarf outside or inside your Hövding.

Most hairstyles work perfectly with Hövding, such as short hair - Bob - Long, flowing hair - Ponytail - Braids - French twist, bun and other small hairdos.

Most hats and headgear work perfectly with Hövding. The following hats and headgear aren’t a problem: Cap - Hat with or without a brim - Knitted hat with or without a bobble - Veil: Wear your Hövding on top. It is ok to wear glasses with Hövding.

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Tuotemerkki Hövding
Väri Musta
Sukupuoli unisex
Kuvioitu Solid
Väriryhmä Musta
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