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Nacon Compact Controller LED Blue
Nacon Compact Controller LED Blue
Nacon Compact Controller LED Blue

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Nacon Compact Controller LED Blue

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48,99 €
  • Acc - Gamepads, Lisätarvikkeet Playstation 4
  • Playstation 4
Lisäosa Ei
Laji Acc - Gamepads Lisätarvikkeet Playstation 4
Formaatit Playstation 4
EAN 3499550360806


kuukausi sitten

i can easily talk through my headphens and everyone can hear me but cant hear anything the sound always come from my speakers i also cant hear game sound or anything can anyone help me.



5 kuukausia sitten

After 2-3 months, the two controllers I purchased had experienced the same issues. The R2 trigger would fire off randomly without any input. One of the controllers experienced drift in its left stick where it would constantly input a movement, despite not touching the stick. It's even hard to recommend the product for its value, though cheap, it's definitely not worth having to replace every two months once these issues arise again.



8 kuukausia sitten

Ive bought this 2 months ago and the R1 button doesnt even respond anymore when i click it



10 kuukausia sitten

When you download the drivers it shows that you need to press start and opt button then plug in the USB. I did that, it said it worked but the controller just stays off all the time.


ShX N3K0

vuosi sitten

I bought this a Month ago and i really enjoy playing with it. But its somehow Crashing my Opera GX and Google Chrome when i plug it in and some games wont close anymore till i plug it out

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