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Rig 800 Pro Hd Black (PC)
Rig 800 Pro Hd Black (PC)
Rig 800 Pro Hd Black (PC)
Rig 800 Pro Hd Black (PC)

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Rig 800 Pro Hd Black (PC)

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  • Acc - Gamepads, Acc - PC, Acc - Xbox One
  • PC
Lisäosa Ei
Laji Acc - Gamepads Acc - PC Acc - Xbox One
Formaatit PC
EAN 3665962005011


11 päiviä sitten

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I love this headset for gaming on my PS4. It has been fantastic. It has great audio quality on the microphone, and the sound quality is also excellent for both online play and also just for listening to the gameplay. I’ll also use it sometimes with my computer for gaming, chatting on Discord, or watching videos which works perfectly. They fit comfortably around my head, and the battery lasts a long time. I also like how they look, and I’m overall delighted with this headset. I would highly recommend it!

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2 kuukausia sitten

Awesome super fast shipping great product excellent quality super happy

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3 kuukausia sitten

Sound quality is good, but the volume is quiet. I have hearing issues and would like if the volume could go higher. My previous headset was great, but this feel like it’s got a low threshold for volume change.



3 kuukausia sitten

Bought this 2 days ago and i cant say that they are much of a step up from the original 800HD's. The audio quality is good but i like the original much more and its easy configurable even without the Dolby access program which I despise because of how bad it makes the audio. Then the big problem with these is a buzzing sound only in the right earcup, I've never had that issue on the originals but it gets louder the longer I don't play something on Spotify or YouTube whatever. And then the other annoying thing is the power button that needs to be held for a about 3 seconds to start which was not in the standard 800HD's where that ones had a switch which was much simpler and better. The only good thing is the mic is a bit better and the charging dock station. Its Meh if you can get the 800HD's somewhere then get them instead..



5 kuukausia sitten

Love how comfortable they are and how long the batteries last. Would buy again

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