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Barbie - Malibu Town House (DLY32)

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Barbie - Malibu Town House (DLY32)

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Toys/Dolls and Dollhouses/Fashion Dolls & Accessories/Houses
Toys/Dolls and Dollhouses/Fashion Dolls & Accessories/Houses


7 kuukausia sitten

My daughter received this as a gift and absolutely loved it! The pieces were easy to assemble; though, of course needed parents help considering she’s 6. No type of issues with the pieces looks or coloring etc; pretty detailed. Glad had some stickers to put on but not too much. Overall I definitely think is a great gift!

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7 kuukausia sitten

The one thing my daughter wanted for Christmas and we went to put together Christmas Eve only to notice there were 2 of the same bottom piece that stabilize the middle and it was missing the top piece in the middle that holds up the roof. For the prices of these, there should be verification all the correct pieces are in the box.



vuosi sitten

I bought this as a gift for my granddaughter & it was tedious to put together. Pieces did not fit properly without manipulation. Once together, we discovered the fireplace piece was MISSING!



vuosi sitten

Great stuff it was wonderful the kids love it! ❤️ ♥️

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4 vuosia sitten

So we got this playhouse for my girls aged 3 & 5 and I’m so pleased with it. From getting it out of the box to start with it was extremely easy to put together and it is much stronger than it looks. It is a great size when it’s open as there is lots to play with on it and even better it folds up so that it takes up very little space (although we have not yet out it away as they play with it every day!). There is a button on the lift which I thought they may struggle with but it is very child friendly and they have got the hang of it very quickly, a lovely feature on the playhouse. Another favourite are the hangers and they like to undress their dolls and hang their clothes up. The bottom level isn’t very accessible for them as they seem to pull the kitchen and lounge out in front of the house to play with it - that would be my one and only qualm with it. But all in all I am very happy with this playhouse and would definitely recommend it - They both absolutely love playing with it.

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