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Samsung WW90T534DAE

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Samsung WW90T534DAE

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Samsung WW90T534DAE sku: 8806090605468, brand: Samsung, ean: 8806090605468
Samsung WW90T534DAE
sku: 8806090605468, brand: Samsung, ean: 8806090605468
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EAN 8806090605468
Valmistajan tuotenumero 8806090605468


kuukausi sitten

I have the machine for 1 year now. Very happy with it but the last 2 washes I selected 0 spin because I had wool jumpers. Two times the jumpers have destroyed. I have never seen anything like this. They shrank so much that the sleeves melted, you cannot pass the hand between them. The machine went to max speed to make this. It is unbelievable…


Jw 2013

15 päiviä sitten

We like the auto dose and the auto water. Also quite even on 1400 spin and easy to use,but read instructions before use and follow

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kuukausi sitten

After a year of owning I have no complaints, it runs well,

Kyllä, suosittelen tätä tuotetta.


Patrick 18

kuukausi sitten

So easy to use the Series 5 washing machine and delighted with the many different washing cycles. Always gets the washing spotless. Very satisfied customer.

Kyllä, suosittelen tätä tuotetta.



kuukausi sitten

Why, in this day and age, doesn’t it have a delay timer function? I want to run it during off-peak hours but it’s not possible unless I stay up to 1am to press the start button manually or start the app. Wouldn’t have bought it if we knew this. And that awful tune when the cycle has finished- whose idea was that??? Might have to sell the flippin’ machine just because of that. Oh, and the app is also awful, not user-friendly and doesn’t have a delay start function on it. Really can’t think of anything good about this machine and am hoping it breaks soon so I can get rid of it. Finally, I have used a brand new email for this review so let’s see how much spam I get as a result. Bet it is loads.